Sfp 2402
2 zone
สิงหาคม 24, 2016
Sfp5ude& Sfp10ude
5 zone and 10 zone
สิงหาคม 24, 2016

4 zone

Sfp 2404

The SFP-2404 is UL 864 9th Edition listed conventional fire alarm control panels with two alarm initiating zones and four initiating zones respectively.


Initiating Device Circuits
SFP-2404: 4 Class B

Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs)
SFP-2404: 2 Class B

Voice Evacuation Available Yes: requires direct connect to FireVoice 25/50

3.0 amps total system power;
SFP-2404 expandable to 6 amps

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